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Spring Reading Thing Progress

Thursday, March 22nd

I did it! I made it through West of Here! It took some strange turns that I wasn’t expecting – and I’m not convinced that it was very well done. It’s all still pretty fresh in my mind, and I don’t think I’ve have enough time to fully process the entire story. That said, the fact that my first reaction to reaching the end was one of relief to finally be finished with the book is  more telling than anything else. There was a lot of promise in the beginning, but I think there were just too many story lines going on all at once. Overall not a bad read, and it will be neat to get to talk to the author next month at our public library.

Sunday, March 25th 

Just finished The Goose Girl. What a nice story! It was a quick, easy read and an enjoyable story. I think I heard/read somewhere that there are more books following these characters and the land of Bayern. I predict these will make it onto my reading list soon.

Tuesday, March 27th 

I’ve just finished The Princess Academy and really enjoyed it! I’m really enjoying Shannon Hale’s writing, and have put more of her titles on hold at the library.

Twice now I’ve picked up the Guernsey book, excited after all the recommendations and great reviews. It really didn’t grab my attention, though. Granted, I’ve only read a handful of pages, but there was no “hook” for me – and the letter-writing format is a bit off-putting for me.  I’ll give it another shot, but I think I”ll be picking up Wicked next.

Monday, April 2nd

Well, the next time I sat down to read, I realized that Wicked was left in the car – and Shaun took the car to work. So I gave Guernsey another shot. It took me a while, and though I still don’t love the format, I’m warming up to it a bit, and I am finding myself hooked! Yay. It’s on loan from the library on my Kindle, and it’s nearly expired. What a perfect excuse to curl up on the couch and read all night! 🙂