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Today is – well, technically yesterday was – the day we, as a country celebrate independence.
A day off in the middle of the work week.
I slept in, had brunch with the husband and mother in law.
Baked cookies.
Went to my bosses house, met new people, ate great food and had a wonderful time.
Upon arriving home and settling in, I hopped on Facebook to write a quick post about how much fun I had today, and how grateful I am for … the people I’ve met, the things I have, the country I live in, the people who have created this nation…
Trying to come up with something short and sweet didn’t seem like it was enough.

Yes, I am grateful for the people and the things in my life.
Yes, I am grateful for the freedoms I enjoy in this country.
Yes, I am grateful for the people who have worked to defend those freedoms.

But the more I thought about this, the more I realized that today, the celebration of the independence of our nation is not just about the Awesomeness of America. It’s not about freedom of speech, about democracy, about patriotism. I mean, yes those are all issues important to us.

However, this evening I find myself contemplating the people who chose to populate this continent. No matter the reason or the method (both of which are questionable, yes, but I’m not here to talk about that), or even the end result, there were people who believed in something. Strongly.  
Strongly enough that it drove them to action.

We see this time and time again throughout history. We see action and change; we see one man’s conviction resulting in national evolution.

Again, not here to talk about the wrong or the right; we all know that there have been plenty of each throughout history.  I just – admire those who feel that conviction – a conviction that drives you to action.

I am grateful for those who have the courage to stand up. I may not agree with you. You may be flat-out wrong. But action spurred by conviction is brave and courageous. We’ve seen nations rise and fall by this action and I know that our existence as a country is due to that very type of action. I commend all you who feel and who act. I am grateful for all the men and women who have done/continue to do that for this country. 

And I will not lie to you; it’s late. I’m exhausted and hoping that this makes even a modicum of sense. Right now I believe I will go to bed. Gratefully. 🙂