Duck and Goose… soon to be Goose

Life has a way of throwing curveballs once in a while. Our urban farming adventure is about to take a break while we relocate to Coos Bay, OR. Yesterday I had to perform a mercy killing. Our Blue Swedish duck had pnemonia or other respiratory ailment. First time axing an animal. Can’t say it’s my favorite… but I’ll get used to it. The other duck seems lonely and quacks a lot. Before I relocate I will decrease the workload on my wife by butchering the other duck which we will feast on with friends.

I don’t recall mentioning the rabbit yet but we will be adopting her out thus leaving Goose. Our wonderful Lab/Pit mix. Our endeavors may transform simply because there’s little urban area causing us to become plain old farmers. An employment opportunity awaits and I hope when the wife follows me there we are able to buy a home and resume the yard farming. Next on the farming agenda… acquire chickens, more ducks, and 2 goats. One thing is for sure. We don’t have any plans to cease growing and storing much more food. In fact, hunting is a regular activity in the Coos Bay area so the processing of meat will become one of my homesteading skills. Wish us luck or offer up prayers as we transition to a small town where the sustainability movement is slow to take hold. May we not judge others but educate them.


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