Winter Wheat

I’ve embarked on a journey into grains. I spent hours over the period of months trying to find a place to buy Hard Red Winter Wheat. Turns out that Whole Foods has it in their bulk section. Because it’s Whole Foods I think nothing has been done to it to compromise it’s natural integrity. A test of the wheat berries on a plate with some water revealed that the berries will germinate…. so onward we march! (fyi- germination looks like little white tails growing out of the wheat berries which takes about two days. I tilled all the potato growing space in the front yard by hand and picked the rocks out. Once ready I spread the wheat berries by hand and raked a bit to cover some though I’m concerned they are too shallow. Perhaps I will go back and poke each one in the ground with my finger about an inch deep. Strangely this idea makes me wonder if one could grow a germinated wheat berry in a bellybutton?  Anyway, I’ve read that red winter wheat is the best cover crop as the berries it yields are the most nutritious and gives the most flour per square foot of crop. I have yet to invest in the grain mill and my initial searches reveal that it may be financially prohibitive to grind the berries into flour this year. However, I want a grain mill, I want one, I WANT one, I WANT ONE!!!. I’m enthralled with the idea of getting a good arm workout and in return I get food. Precisely how I view the prospect of work. This is especially true in our make believe economy when a meaningless paper bill is a placeholder in the exchange of goods and services. If I can circumvent the piece of paper and work now directly equates to food then I’m overjoyed by the simple beauty of the machine. Here’s what’s happening. Work= $. $ = Food, shelter, and playtime. Food $’s buys seed thus meaning $ X Work = food. When you subtract small amounts of food to save seed you have bypassed the $ used to buy seed resulting in Food X Work = FOOOOD! Fava beans are also a good cover crop in the winter and here in Portland they have them at the Urban Farm Store on Belmont when they aren’t sold out.


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