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How do you like YOUR eggs?

So the other day Shaun saw our ducks exibiting some … strange behavior. One of the ducks had climbed on top of the other and was bobbing her head up and down.  Strange, but nothing he was terribly concerned about.
A few days later, though, it happened again. This time it was in the pond, though, and it looked as though the bottom duck was going to drown!
Being the scholar I am, I immediate turned to the all-powerfull Google. After a few minutes of furious fingerwork, I discovered that behavior indicated the beginning of little ducky hormones, signaling the beginning of egg production.

Could it be?

Could our cute, sweet little waterfowl really be growing into real wome-er, duck hens?
Shaun began seriously looking into building the nesting boxes and I began dreaming of rich, decadent baked goods.

Saturday morning Shaun let the girls out and we attacked all a few of the items on our outdoor/garden/yard to-do list while they waddled, quacked and foraged around the ‘stead.  And then Shaun found it.


The golden egg.

Ok, so it’s more beige than golden. But it was an amazing sight nonetheless.

After the preliminary photo shoot, we quickly moved to analysing the quality of the product.

It was a double-yolker!  Score!  And look at the perky whites.

So good.  so. very. good!

And now the girls have their very own private nesting boxes where they can discretely lay me eggs every day!


Yep, this was a grand idea. Thanks, ladies!