The bond

Over the course of the past couple of months I’ve developed a routine with the ducks. The morning brings the excited pair out of their run so they may forage around the yard. They have been ritually quacking to bid us farewell and to welcome us home. Finally, in the evening I issue them under the cover of the run so any pesky racoons in the area can’t get to them. For the beginning of their lives I was a stay at home duck dad due to unemployment. I’ve now taken on a new job keeping me away all day. The white crested has shown me the bond we’ve developed by lowering her head to the ground and extending her neck. It gave me the most wonderful visual for the phrase “stick your neck out for someone.” This duck obviously has developed a trust that I will not injure her. I approached slowly and extended my hand and she didn’t run away as she had done thousands of times before. She must have seen me pet the dog because that’s what she wanted. I touched the soft feathers on her back and lightly moved toward her tail. I repeated several times, starting closer to her head each time and she still didn’t move. Now, I can even grab her bill and clean the down out of her cute little duck nostrils. The blue swede hasn’t let me pet her yet but she might be close. This concludes our broadcast day. Stay tuned for more on duck psychology and the ecology of the Garrett farm.


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  1. Posted by Leah on June 20, 2011 at 1:46 am

    Love this!!


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