The Stage Manager

I like to think of myself as the person who makes the garden possible. As Jessica’s husband, I’m responsible for making space in the earth for her tomatoes. Okay, more than just tomatoes but it seems her enthusiasm for the fruit is dominating her thoughts lately. My motivation stems from the realistic, growing cheaper food and living on it; to the fantastic, having an impenetrable compound to sustain prolonged zombie attack. But with the CDC stating there’s a possibility of zombie attack and the current economic recession that’s good enough to justify my efforts. In any event, I want to possess the skills necessary to live without modern conveniences like electricity and motor vehicles. This is why part of my study includes rendering animal fat into oil for lamps and construction of a root cellar for installation under my 8 x 13 shed. It isn’t just about growing food for me. It’s about answering the question, “Am I a survivor?” The other area that falls to me is taking care of the animals. So far it only includes dog, ducks, and a rabbit. Someday, hopefully, my chores will include a goat, bees, chickens, and about half-dozen rabbits for eating. Currently our rabbit is a friend. And our motto here on the farm is, “We don’t eat our friends.” This motto is mostly so the dog knows not to fetch me a duck and shake the stuffing out of it but is a good rule for people too.


One response to this post.

  1. Without you, my garden – and my life – would be a sad, lonely thing indeed.
    Thanks for everything!
    Mrs. Stage Manager 🙂


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