My “Garden”

My garden is not pretty. It is not terribly organized. It’s not even really a garden so much as a troupe of plant life camped out in any usable space in our plot of earth. And I’m okay with that. I love walking the grounds every day, finding new growth (and sustenance) all around me – literally! I love the relationship I’ve created between myself and the plants. I toss a little bit of poop and compost and water their way and in turn they gift me their fruit, their seeds, their leaves, their stems, their roots.
Even the weeds and I have a standing agreement – as long as they are not crowding out food-bearers or physically hurting me, they can stay. Sure I launch a pretty menacing campaign each spring, but in the end I always back down. Though it’s often with some feelings of failure, I have come to embrace my laissez faire gardening. It’s working for me.
And now I bid you adeiu.
Next post topic: TOMATOES!!! (yep, i’m addicted)


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